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This page will be updated on a somewhat regular basis as our locations change and/or if we are working a special event or for any other reason that seems important to us. However, for up to minute information and unexpected changes please follow us on facebook and/or twitter. Or just give us a call at (703) 930-6455

2015 - ???
February 2
1st December 31st
, 2015
We are up and running again and are serving in and around Reston once more. We mainly operate in Fairfax and Loudon County, where we are available for lunch, dinner, select special events, both public and private and are also attending various festivals. Our biggest additional service from late last year into this year, is to serve dinner at the recently opened Reston Metro Station, the currently last stop of the Silver Line. Other commitments aside, we usually offer our fare at least three times each weeknight. We have also started to offer our food at a number of growing breweries and wineries in the region. Their high quality of beverages is a great match for our own tasty products. These small companies tend to attract a fairly sophisticated audience that appreciates both, great food and drinks. Most if not all of these places also cater to the whole family, which in this day and age is highly appreciated by all.

Note: The Baron Cameron Park location sales have been quite disappointing. Despite the very unique and not only family but also dog friendly location, customers were very sparse. For the time being, we have no immediate plans to continue our service there, however, we still consider the location for future endeavors.

2014 - ???
1st December 31st
, 2014
We will be available for day to day operations in Reston again very soon.

Our new location will be inside Baron Cameron Park (11300 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston, VA 20190) and will allow us to serve our customers during lunch and/or dinner hours as well as on weekends and via special arrangements for about any time between 8 AM - 8 PM. Thanks to our recently acquired special permit, all this can be done without violating any laws that currently prohibit selling from any street location within Fairfax County.
This new location will provide us with previously unavailable opportunities to enhance your dining experience. While our usual patrons will not be able to just walk down the stairs in their offices and head down to the street to see us, we are very centrally located and within a 15 minute car ride from Fairfax, Tysons, Sterling, Herndon, Vienna or Reston. To make things even easier, create a "Bratwurst King Day" in your office or company, poll your co-workers, call in (best to email actually, then call) your order and have somebody pick it up some 15-20 minutes later. Yes, this new setup will require some customer behavior changes, but we strongly believe, that the benefits outweigh any kind of inconvenience by far. For those of you who already have frequented our truck, you know it is well worth it. 
Moreover, we are immediately adjacent to the Reston Dog Park, so our guests are able to bring their four legged friends for a quick workout, while waiting for their food to be prepared. On the other side of the truck and only a few steps away, is a nice modern children's playground, next to big, old, shade providing tree, complete with some permanently anchored rustic picnic tables and benches. What better way to forget about cooking today, just bring the kids and let them play for a while on any mild evening or sunny weekend.  
But the fun doesn't end there - - given a somewhat semi-permanent location, we are also planning to expand our menu. How does Crêpe Sunday or Wednesday Spaghetti Night sound to you?  We are full of many new and exciting ideas and love to hear your suggestions as well.
We expect to be up and running in the second week of October and will present more details then.
2014 - ???
1st December 31st
Since our last time on the road and serving you lunch, a lot of things have happened in Fairfax County. Most importantly, the county has made it very clear, that food trucks may not park on public roads to sell food! In the past, trucks in violation of this ordinance, were just simply given parking tickets, now some truck owners have actually been arrested and charged with selling without a solicitor's license, which happens to be a criminal offense and violators may be charged with a Class 2 Misdemeanor.

In part, this problem has been created by the food truck industry itself.  While the number of food trucks has constantly grown over the last few years, the quality and variety of food offered has decreased over the same period of time. More and more "wannabee food truck" operators appeared, often without the required Fairfax County license, or even without a license at all.

Furthermore, while in the past, the "old school" and well trained and knowledgeable proprietors treated each other and their customers with respect and assisted each other on many occasions, the new wave of food trucks owners often operate in complete disregard of any and all laws, creating a number of dangerous and abusive situations, that simply put a bad taste in everybody's mouth. Combining this with the huge amounts of trash left behind at any popular lunch spot, did not help much either. We are also aware, that the "brick and mortar" restaurants are generally our biggest opponents, continuously lobbying the county to limit or even eliminate our existence. In the process, many of the same stereotypes are used, none of which are usually true. Regardless of this "witch-hunt,"  I personally was able to create more than one win/win situation with some establishments for special occasions. With some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, it can benefit both the food truck and the "brick and mortar" businesses and most importantly, our customers.

Now, one can agree or disagree with the current rules and regulations, but they are what they are and I for one have no interest or intention to acquire a criminal record for selling food to my beloved customers. I neither have the time nor the funds to attempt to change the existing laws in Fairfax County.  This is a battle for somebody else to fight. For the foreseeable future, I expect the crackdowns on all illegally parked and operating food trucks to continue but The Bratwurst King will not be part of that.  As a responsible
business owner and resident, I will take advantage of the limited but at least legal ways to operate my establishment.

More information:
September 20th & 21st
We celebrated our grand reopening at one of our favorite events, the Bluemont Fair. Many of our loyal customers made it a point to travel to this event just to see us and we are very grateful for their support.
2013 - 2014
November 1st - September 19th 2014
Due to some lingering health issues, we had to temporarily suspend operations. Not all is well still, but we just need to get out on the road again and put some smiles on your faces with our food. We know that you missed us and we missed you even more.
January 1st October 31th 2013
We are in high demand and in lots of different places. General serving hours on weekdays remain to be 11:30 – 1:30. Times and places for evening functions and special events on weekends are posted via our Twitter and Facebook pages.
FALL 2012
1st November 30th 2012
While we are trying to serve our established lunch locations on a regular weekly basis, the increased demand for private functions and special event appearances limits our availability to serve the general public. General serving hours on weekdays remain to be 11:30 – 2:00.
Please find out about our daily location via: FACEBOOK or TWITTER

July 1st August 31th 2012

JULY 30th - AUGUST 26th - We are enjoying our well deserved holiday in Europe
Our weekly schedule has generally worked out well. However, a couple of locations cannot be serviced on a regular basis anymore since there just wasn't enough traffic in order to meet our sales projections. We are also involved in many special events.

1st June 30th 2012
We have established a weekly schedule:

General serving hours on weekdays 11:30 – 2:00

Monday: Tysons @ Boone & Howard

Tuesday: Tysons @ Boone & Howard

Wednesday: Fairfax @ Patriot Harley Davidson

Thursday: Herndon @ Evolvent Technologies

Friday: off for cleaning and event preparation

FALL 2011
Now we are getting really busy. Lots of new invitations and repeat visit requests from already established partners. This is Oktoberfest time after all! We are trying our best to attend as many functions as possible, but can only be at one place at any given time. If you would like us at your event, you need to contact us as early as possible. We are very grateful for your trust and are looking forward to serving many more of you in the near and far future.

July 1st -   August 31th 2011
We have been all over the place and many more people at various locations were able to enjoy our fare. We were in Merrifield, Reston, Fairfax, Sterling, Centreville and Manassas, made repeat visits at the Reston Zoo, Patriot Harley Davidson and different farmers markets. Also were part at the South Lakes HS block party in Reston. Summers are hot around here and not really the best bratwurst eating weather. Despite that, you gobbled down our offerings with great joy and your feedback has been great.
VISA, Mastercard, American Express & Discovery
Now serving from inside the Reston Zoo all weekend with adjusted menu. Added American favorites like Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Grilled Chicken Breasts.
Also serving our amazing crêpes and deliciously yummy and healthy strawberry/banana smoothies. Bring the kids for some weekend fun!
25th 2011
All fixed with a brand new and much more powerful generator. We are ready for you! See us at 10800 Baron Cameron Avenue, Reston, VA 20190;

We are at Intersection of Route 7 & Baron Cameron Avenue; close to the Reston Zoo and The Reston Watermine Sat 6-8:00 PM, Sun: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

16th 2011

Update: Sorry all. We are down awaiting delivery of brand-new and much more powerful generator. Hoping to be up and running by the middle to end of next week again. In the meanwhile we are working on better menu photos and a promotional menu flyer. Also completed our merchant account search. Awaiting our credit card swiper any day now. We'll be back at 10800 Baron Cameron Ave and eager to serve you.

14th 2011

Please note: we are currently working on setting up our merchant account. Until then, this is CASH only operation!

Current Location:

10800 Baron Cameron Avenue, Reston, VA 20190;

We are at Intersection of Route 7 & Baron Cameron Avenue; close to the Reston Zoo and The Reston Watermine


Weekdays: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM -  Weekends: TBD

Opening Menu:

Will be starting on a limited menu featuring

Main Dishes:

Bratwurst or Nuernberger or Frankfurter Platter

Wiener Schnitzel Platter

All platters include choice of two sides and a roll for only $9.00 (tax included).

Sides: Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage (coming soon: Potato Pancakes)

Desert: Applestrudel with whipped cream (others coming soon) $5.00 (tax included).

Beverages: Variety of Sodas or bottled water (others coming soon) $2.00 (tax included).

Soups: TBD (coming soon) $4.00 (tax included).


May 2011 to June 2011

Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork for a number of different permits needed in order to operate in Fairfax County.


January 2011 to May 2011

New transmission as well as a number of small to large upgrades on truck including installment of generator.


September 2010 to January 2011

Working a ton in order to generate enough money to repair and upgrade truck.


Trouble in Paradise!

Transmission busted! More things need fixing too. Must make some money in order to foot the bill. But no worries, we will be back. Look for us in May 2011!


Oktoberfest 2010
9th 10th and 11th

The Bratwurst King sponsored this semi private party once again. Great food, cold beer, and great company made this perhaps our best Oktoberfest yet.

Oktoberfest website:

Looking forward to the 2011 edition already!


Mark your calendars, we are going live!

Come visit us at the:

Fort Meade Oktoberfest
September 22nd to 26th

We will offer three different Bratwurst platters, paprika chicken risotto and much more…

Opening hours:

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 5 PM – 10 PM

Saturday: noon – 11 PM

Sunday: noon – 6 PM

Open to the general public!

Admission: free of charge!

Event will feature

·         Carnival rides for all ages

·         Carnival type-games & food vendors

·         Live Music and entertainment

·         International and Oktoberfest foods

·         Special activities for the children

and much more!

Festival website:

Please note: this event is cash only

Please contact us for more information at your leisure

The Bratwurst King
P.O. Box 3050
Merrifield, VA 22116
Phone (703) 930-6455